Week 48 (!)…a bit of everything and back in the road!

It's been a long time since I last posted and that is purely because, back at home, it was pretty darn busy! It's amazing how quickly three weeks go by…I had something planned for every single day, including a jaunt over to Paris and Lille with my cousins and their boyfriends for Haz and Jo's birthdays (a brilliant surprise organised by their boys!) and mums birthday!

Mum's birthday first: I popped a calendar invite into her diary for one evening and organised for just the two of us to go for a slap up dinner and then to an evening of burlesque acts and life drawing! I've been dying to go to Dr Sketchys for ages and, as mum and I enjoy life drawing and have spent many an hour together indulging in our hobby, I thought it was a perfect way to celebrate her birthday. We had such fun (despite it being held in a very dodgey pub in Vauxhall and the wine being almost unpalatable!) and here are my best efforts:

A few days later, I headed down to Lewes on Haz and Jo's birthday and surprised them with the news that I would be accompanying them on their surprise trip to France the following morning! I'm so lucky to have two of my best friends who are also my family: not many people have that, I know. The five of us had a lovely time, despite the rain trying its very hardest to drown us, as well as me getting sicker from the tap water than I ever had in Asia (!): we ate, drank, wandered, laughed and chatted! A really great few days! I really love Paris, which I always forget until I'm there. Also, to that point, Alex and I have booked our honeymoon, half of which will be spent there!

In the two days that Alex had back in the UK, between coming back from the ship and us jetting off to Croatia (oh yes, we've gone again!), we managed to find a new home in Tunbridge Wells. We planned to move to a village around that area but, after discussing it, we realised it would be an easier transition from London to move to a town (where I'll have three of my friends coincidentally moving there too!) and then move onto a village in the next year or so. Therefore, once we land back in the UK, I will be coordinating men with vans to take all of our possessions and install them in our new abode. It's all change this year: new home, new surname, new job (I'm searching currently)

So, onto where we currently find ourselves. We are in Croatia! What a beautiful country! We have spent three days in Dubrovnik and three here in Split and we've loved every moment. The food is incredible, the people are really friendly, the architecture is utterly romantic ….and the wine is AWFUL! Haha! We made the mistake once in ordering a glass to have with lunch….and haven't touched a drop until we stumbled across some Argentinian Malbec yesterday and so snatched up a bottle to drink up on the little terrace upstairs from our apartment. It was lovely to sit up there, overlooking the jumble of rooftops and washing waving gently in the breeze, listening to great music and drinking delicious wine with my fiancé (yup, we haven't stopped gratuitously calling each other that!).

Today, we went on a Game of Thrones tour around the Diocletian palace (which is not a specific building: it's the majority of Split's old town!) and the Klis fortress. Alex and I got particularly geeky when our guide pointed out that we were in the exact spot seen in one episode where the slaves revolt against the masters in Meeran. Apologies if you don't watch GoT…this will be dreadfully dull for you! We also saw the road on which Daenerys nailed the 131 (I think) masters and where the slaves all watched as she freed them from their bonds. Now I am definitely going to book onto a Harry Potter walking tour back in London…I mean, we loved the Keys to The Kingdom tour at Disney, now GoT…so why not embrace our fangirly tendencies and go for the Potterverse one too?!

Tomorrow, we bid farewell to Croatia and head into Slovenia. We will spend one night in Ljubljana and then will wend our way to Lake Bled where Alex is keen to go hiking etc….and I've seen the hotel has a spa, saunas, aromatherapy steam rooms and massage….so I've told him to have a great time on his walks! Haha!

Milly x



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