Week 44….Orlando and the UK

It's been a two week break since my last post so there's a fair bit to catch up on. For starters, we worked our way from Charleston back down to Orlando, where my family came out to join us for a week in Disney!

Along the journey back to Orlando, Alex and I decided to give Savannah another chance as we felt that we had maligned it; there were so many positive reviews online that we must have missed something! I am very glad we did give it another go because, this time round, I made sure we were staying in the historic district (to avoid endless drives through the bland, faceless “suburbs”) and we had received some tips from a local on places to go eat etc. While we were still not blown away by Savannah, we really loved one of the places we had been recommended: The Olde Pink House.

It was one of the old buildings in the historic district that had been converted into a very swish restaurant. We turned up in our flip flops and jeans and felt very self conscious but had some great food (still insanely huge portions, but it is America after all!) in very opulent surroundings and then headed down to the basement for a couple of drinks in their bar. Thank goodness we did because it was completely our taste: candle lit, with a piano playing old lady who was dressed impeccably, and great drinks! It even had an old sign from the pub in Sussex that my family had gone to the weekend before, for Easter!

A few days later, mum, dad and Gus turned up in Florida and we spent the week together which was lovely! We spent 4 days in Disney/Universal parks which I'm sure you don't need to hear more about. Needless to say we had a great time all together and were exceptionally good at managing the parks so we queued as little as possible! We are Super Park Goers!

On our first full day together, mum and I went bridal shopping. We found “The One” and bought it!! It was very exciting and I am absolutely thrilled with it! No pictures for you though as I will not be showing it to anyone until the big day! The big day that is now officially booked: Alex and I found the venue yesterday and have paid the deposit. Talk about organised wedmin; we've only been engaged three and a bit weeks and we already have the venue and the dress! This is our venue:


It's odd how UN-odd it is to be back in the UK! It feels like we never left really. I did well up a little bit when my plane touched down, however. I have LOVED these last ten months but my heart is well and truly lost to England! It also helps that this return isn't permanent: we are easing ourselves out of the nomadic lifestyle by heading off to Croatia, Slovenia and Italy for a month! We leave on the 24th May!


Milly x



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