Week 42…between Orlando and Charleston

I promise to only mention engagements and weddings etc a few times…a lot of times….all of the times. No, ok, I'll focus and tell you what we we've been up to for the last week.

After our stint in Disney (where Alex proposed…you may not know that yet?), we spent two days in Universal Studios. As a hardcore Disney fan, I'm always left slightly disappointed by Universal: it doesn't have the same magic for me. Although, I'll always jump at the chance to go! Alex agreed with me for the most part until, that is, we got to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. It was spectacular! Hogsmeade was recreated beautifully, the rides were incredible and the styling was impressively detailed! We actually speculated whether Universal had poached some Imagineers from Disney as the level of work was that impressive! If you get a chance to go: do not hesitate. It's fantastic!

Following the best week of my life in Disney (where we got engaged, did I mention that?), Alex and I got the best engagement present from his work: an extra 2 weeks together! Due to his vessel having to travel through pirate-infested waters, Alex's crew aren't being called back offshore for a fortnight which means A. we get more time together to enjoy this time in our life, B. I don't have to be on my own for 10 days between him leaving and my family arriving, C. he gets to spend a week with his in-laws in Walt Disney World and D. his shift on the boat will only be a couple of weeks! All in all, it's been fantastic news!

So, we now had 10 days to plan together which is a much nicer prospect than planning 10 days alone. Thanks to Erin (our engagement artist….I think I've mentioned her, right?), we had a few suggestions of places to go on our way up to Charleston. I had decided on Charleston for two reasons which were that my friend Sophie had been and loved it and also there is a new reality tv programme set there which is even more ridiculous than TOWIE and Made in Chelsea combined! Love it. Erin suggested two pit stops along the way: St Augustine and Savannah.

Alex in front of the oldest schoolhouse in America (St Augustine)

St Augustine was a genius suggestion and we really loved it there. It is the oldest town in America and has the feeling of an old Cornish town mixed with a Wild West set. There are chocolate and ice cream shops at most corners and so many restaurants to choose from! The buildings are really quaint and pretty and it really appealed to us. On our first night there, Alex googled restaurants in the old town and the top spot was taken by a place called Collage…we looked it up and decided it was definitely for us! Dinner there was so delicious that not only did we book immediately for the following night but also to return when my family are in the US! Yes, we are going to drive the 2 hour journey to take them to a restaurant. Clearly we have become American…they don't seem phased by ridiculous car journeys.

Speaking of ridiculous car journeys, have any of you driven in America before? I hadn't before February this year. Considering we have seen the driving in Vietnam (life threatening), Cambodia (no regard for safety), Malaysia (abysmal) and Indonesia (hahahaha!!), you'd think that nothing would unnerve us these days. That was until we came to America and witnessed the total lack of awareness displayed by the majority of drivers on the roads here. It's a miracle we haven't been hit in the thousands of miles we've travelled from one coast to the other! Also, in that vein, the American road planning office need a stern talking to: it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to have the traffic joining the motorway a few metres before the offramp. None. At all. It's stupid.

Sunset in St Augustine

After St Augustine, we headed over to Savannah. I am ashamed to admit that we didn't make the most of it. In fact, we are going to stop there on the way back to Orlando so we can actually give it a go. The problem was that we were staying outside the historic district and, on our first night, headed down to River Street which is the tourist drag. Our GPS directed us through some very scary neighbourhoods and, as she monotonously informed us “your destination will be on the right”, we were turning into an industrial dock yard with very rough looking men loitering around. Needless to say, we weren't impressed and decided to scrap the notion of dinner in that area that evening. Instead, we took to Tripadvisor to find a nice sushi place. We went to the top rated sushi joint in Savannah….it was a complete dive and the food was mediocre at best.

Having said all of that, we are going back as we read a bit more online and people really rave about Savannah, so we want to find out what it is they love. We've booked into a place in the heart of the historic district so hopefully there will be a different vibe the second time around.

So, currently we are in Charleston. Again, we are staying in a motel outside the historic district but we will be heading into town tonight for a nice dinner and then exploring the historic area tomorrow, weather permitting. If it is anything like yesterday however, we'll have to make a pit stop at Target for umbrellas, wellies and galoshes first: it really knows how to rain over here!

See you next week!

Milly x

The photo that nearly ruined the proposal! This is what I jumped up to snap!

Details from Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant.



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