Week 41…Orlando and SO much more

WE ARE ENGAGED!! Four days ago, Alex made me the happiest girl in the entire world, in “the happiest place in the world”, and asked me to marry him! I can't explain how immensely happy I am, how immensely happy we both are! We both keep staring at my ring-clad finger or gratuitously calling each other “fiancé” and the amount of kisses being bandied around is frankly bordering on ridiculous! 🙂

Alex planned and executed the perfect proposal which was incredibly original and so touching it made me cry my eyes out! He had chosen Walt Disney World as he knows how much I love it…I had an inkling he might pop the question here but I had no idea that he'd do it in such an unexpected way….and here is the story:

On our first day in the parks, I had booked for us to go to the new Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant which I had read about and was rumoured to be beautiful. We popped on our glad rags and headed over there to have dinner which was lovely, with champagne and twinkling chandeliers above us. I had thought that maybe, just maybe, it'd happen there so, when the end of the evening came round and we decided to head home instead of to Downtown Disney (to get a caricature), I resigned myself to it not happening at all. At that point, I decided not to second guess everything and to just enjoy our week without any expectations. Little did I know that the ring was, at that very moment, secured in his shirt pocket.

The following day, we got up very early to go to Magic Kingdom for a 5 hour walking tour called “Keys To The Kingdom” which I was very excited about. As I had decided not to assume Alex would be proposing imminently, I didn't exactly make the biggest effort in my appearance that day. Floral denim shorts and a black strappy top does not a Disney princess make….neither does 90%-humidity-affected-hair. During the tour, I excused myself at one of the bathroom stops and, as it turns out, while I was in there, Alex took our guide to one side and explained that he was planning on proposing that afternoon and could Jimmy help him with something? In true Milly fashion, I almost ruined it by, at the end of the tour, barging into the conclusion of their conversation and getting both men rather flustered as they stumbled to cover up what they'd been discussing (a secret photographer to capture what was to come!). Luckily for Alex, when in Walt Disney World, I'm like a child hyped up on sugar so was immediately distracted by something else shiny and Disneyfied!

Alex had suggested, the previous night, that we get a caricature done of us and I agreed: what a fun idea! As we'd been taking the tour, we'd seen a caricature artist and both had noted to come back that afternoon so, as we wandered up Main Street, we headed over to get a picture done. It was apparently accidental but I love that, in typical bossy fashion, it was me who suggested heading over at that particular moment so it didn't feel suspicious at all…it just appears to have been coincidence that I thought of it just at the time Alex was intending to head there too! After 5 hours of walking (and intensely grilling Jimmy with Disney related questions), I was pooped so plonked myself down on the chair while Alex organised with the artist. Again, little did I know it but he was secret squirrelling with me only a matter of feet away, completely oblivious! He spoke with Erin (our artist) to explain his plan and she assured him she had assisted in this manner before so he was in safe hands.

The drawing took about an hour and we chatted away with Erin…well, I did and Alex interjected occasionally. Very uncharacteristic of him! At one point, I realised I could feel his heatbeat through the side of his chest and asked him if he was ok; he blamed it on the pressure of sitting for a drawing and also the small crowd that had begun to watch. While Erin was drawing us, the afternoon parade went past. Once I knew she'd finished with me and a magnificent Malificent dragon float went past, I hopped up to quickly snap a picture…and sent everyone into panic apparently! I was good though and didn't look at the picture as, ironically, I had thought it would be nice to have the reveal together at the end! When I got up, Erin flung her arms across the drawing, the photographer stood between me and the easel and Alex had a mini heart attack. I sat down again, completely unawares and babbled away at Alex about the floats!

Once the parade went by, the small crowd grew and people seemed very interested in our drawing, even to the point of photgraphing it which I thought was odd. I even said to Alex “why do we have a crowd?”. I don't remember what he replied but I'm sure he was freaking out about it and I know he was worried someone in the audience would let the cat out of the bag.

Eventually, Erin was finished and asked if we ready to see it (eyes very much on Alex!). As she turned it around, I thought “oh that's a lovely pi-wait, what?!” as I spotted the stance the drawings were in and the speech bubble from caricature-Alex saying “will you marry me?”! My mouth fell open and apparently I just stared at it agape until Alex got on one knee next to me, at which point I looked at him and immediately welled up and grinned! He didn't manage to get his full rehearsed line of “will you do me the honour of making me your husband, and becoming my wife?” out as the crowd started to applaud and I was nodding fiercely through my tears! He even had to ask “well, will you?” as I was still completely mute! Of course I said yes over and over and over again at that point!

I have never been so happy and so terrified in my life. It was like the best roller coaster and the most intense stage fright I've ever experienced. It's only looking back at the pictures now that I can see how it unfolded as, at the time, I was so focused on Alex that I didn't really hear anything or see anything else apart from him! Pure tunnel vision.

After the crowd had dispersed and we'd had numerous photos taken, we were finally alone (or as alone as you can be in Magic Kingdom, on Main Street in front of the castle!) and we were grinning at each other like Cheshire cats. It was a totally surreal moment to be staring down at the most beautiful ring and knowing that Alex and I are going to be married…officially! Alex suggested phoning people to let them know but I really wanted an hour or so just for the two of us…to enjoy that feeling all alone.

Alex has done the most fantastic job with the ring too! I know I am a fussy lady when it comes to jewelry and he has chosen a ring that is just completely perfect! I had seen a ring I liked about a year ago, maybe more, and shown it to him….however, at £7k, I knew it was a no go. The ring Alex has given me is probably MORE beautiful as it suits me down to the ground…I have very skinny fingers and this ring is dramatic yet delicate and is just perfect. I can't stop staring at it. I love it first and foremost for what it signifies…and then because SPARKLES!!

So now we are engaged, and we are sickeningly happy! Alex has said that, on top of being happy to be engaged, he is relieved not to have to lie or pretend to me anymore!

I'll probably write about Disney next week but, this week, I am 100% preoccupied with this momentous, thrilling and amazing event..and the man who asked me to marry him!

Love from us both

Milly & Alex x



2 thoughts on “Week 41…Orlando and SO much more

  1. Janine Railton

    Dear Milly and Alex
    Many many congratulations. I know everybody is going to be so thrilled as they have been willing for you to be official. What a truly beautiful proposal. Lots and lots of love janine xxx

  2. Bowerbird

    I’m all teary eyed at my computer a million miles away but so very happy for you both. Incredible storytelling Milly! Bravo Alex, hooray for Disney and happy ever after to you both, you deserve every happiness. xxxx


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