Week 40…from New Orleans to Orlando

So that culinary crawl I mentioned last week was sadly called off at the 11th hour! We were all dolled up and ready to go (I'd even bought new flats as apparently flip flops were banned and there was no way I was going to traipse around the city in high heels!) when I got the call to say that, as we were the only punters, they couldn't run the session that evening. Gutted. So, instead, we went to a run down bar/restaurant that always has a queue outside and had awesome local food before heading to bed at a reasonable 10pm. We are so rock n roll!

New Orleans was fab as ever and I, for one, was very sad to say goodbye again. If there is one city in the world I would happily move to, it'd be there (provided I lived in a charming French quarter villa and was free to be as hippy-dippy and arty as I pleased!)! One thing I love about it (besides the music, colour and food) is that people are free to dress however they choose. It is very popular over there to adopt a 1940s or 1950s look which, with the size of my “birthing hips” and bust, sits happily with me! I revisited my favourite shop from our last visit, Trashy Diva (www.trashydiva.com), and accidentally bought an incredible 1950s cocktail dress. I. Love. It. I was tickled pink when the sales girls all said that I was the first customer on which the dress had fitted perfectly first time!

After we left N'awlins, we drove through Mississippi and onto Alabama where we were booked into an Airbnb in the small “town” of Theodore. I had attempted to find us somewhere authentically Southern, preferably on the bayou, so we could get some local flavour. When we turned up at the property, I thought I had made the biggest mistake ever! The bungalow was stuffed, floor to ceiling, with dolls, figuerines, novelty mugs, themed photo shoot pictures and the suchlike. Alex and I spent the evening looking at each other apprehensively before retiring to our bedroom which, along with the FIVE duvets (unnecessary in the humidity!), sported caricatures and pictures of angels on every spare inch of the walls, as well as creepy dolls staring at us from every angle.

Having said all this, the following morning, we awoke to meet Andrea, our host who was utterly delightful and welcoming! She had been working very late the night before and had left a note to tell us not to wait up for her. She cooked us a hugely unhealthy breakfast of banana fosters waffles with fruit salad (Alex had seconds of both!) and then we all sat around chatting until 1pm. She is one of 32 siblings! So I am sure you can imagine how many stories she had for us! That evening, she gave us a Southern cooking lesson which essentially involves a butt-tonne of butter and cream and wine. If in doubt, add more butter. All a bit awkward as I've given up dairy recently! Haha! We made a shrimp and cream sauce over Tilapia fish with pasta. Despite it being enough calories to feed a sizeable army, it was delicious and Andrea had made us a yummy salad with blackberries, strawberries and goats cheese to accompany it…..AND brownies in a peanut butter and white chocolate sauce. I think we came away from her house a stone heavier, not to mention weighed down with her gift basket and “food for the journey”. True southern hospitality!

We have subsequently driven all the way to Orlando (via Tallahassee where we stayed for one night in an english guesthouse!) in preparation for DISNEYWORLD tomorrow!!! I am so excited and will be utterly insufferable when the alarm goes off at 7.30am! Lucky Alex! 🙂

Milly x



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