Week 36…Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Why hello there! Since we last spoke, I spent a week pootling around LA from Arabella's house and have had a whole week with my little brother! 🙂

I haven't seen Gus for over 7 months so it's been really lovely having him here in the US with me! It's gone far too quickly, unfortunately, and we are currently packing before I take him to the airport tomorrow morning so he can fly to India for three weeks (for work, not fun, sadly!).

When he arrived on Saturday, we had a quietish evening as he was pretty tired after his flight. We also had timed things slightly awkwardly as the Oscars were taking place the following night….a stone's throw from where we were staying! So the surrounding area was swarmed with roadies, techies and the suchlike. It's lovely having siblings: even after so long apart, it was easy to go for dinner and just chat away. It also helped that Gus kept choosing the most revolting cocktails at the Mexican restaurant we chose…i mean, come on, a mango and jalapeño margherita?! Disgusting.

The following day, we utilised our morning very efficiently by driving around a lot! In true MacLeod form, however, it was the worst weather that LA has seen in two years! We got a lovely shot of the Hollywood sign through the drizzle and, of course, were practically the only people there: mad dogs and Englishman after all!

We also went to Venice beach, as Gus hadn't been, but this time we made sure to make a stop at James' Beach restaurant which is featured in the film “I Love You Man” where Jason Segal's character introduces Paul Rudd's character to the best fish tacos in LA. What did we order while there? FISH TACOS! And they were awesome! Locals may make fun of tourists seeking out film featured spots but it's very exciting for us out of towners!

The rest of the day, we spent in our rented Mustang driving to sin city itself: Las Vegas! We had three nights booked there and I can safely say we filled every last minute. We spent 11 hours walking from one end of the strip to the other….and saw so much! A quick synopsis in pictures:

The Las Vegas sign

A wedding chapel

Mandalay Bay casino and shark aquarium

The Luxor casino

Excalibur casino

The New York New York casino (where we went on the worst roller coaster I've ever experienced! Our brains felt like they were leaking out of our eyeballs afterwards!)

The MGM casino (no picture) where we went to the CSI:experience which was hilariously rubbish. We giggled our way through it and Gus solved the crime at the first step! We shouldn't be allowed to do these things together because we just giggle at things!

Caesars Palace casino, where we managed to lose a few bucks…whoops!

The Venetian, where we went on the gondolas which was lovely! Our go gondolier was very good and sang beautifully!

We hung out with Siegfried from Siegfried & Roy in their “Secret Garden” in The Mirage casino

And to top it all off, we saw The Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo casino! Gus didn't know we were going to see it until the day as I'd booked it on the sly. It was incredible! It's an utterly bizarre show but was well worth seeing and we loved meeting one of the Blue Men after the show. It's very unsettling when someone just stares at you and doesn't say anything…and leaves blue paint on you accidentally!

Very excitingly, I found out one of my friends from Imagination (my old company) was in Vegas too. We organised to meet for drinks and, with her friend, we spent the evening gambling and drinking and generally doing what you do in Vegas! Diana was surprisingly good at gambling and ended up by $100 up, I think; lucky girl!

We then returned to LA and, yesterday, went to DISNEYLAND! Gus and I can do Disney pretty well by now and sped around the park. I was amazed by the lack of people there: the longest queue we had to wait in was 30 mins whereas, in Florida, you'd be lucky to get into a queue under 30 mins! It was a really great afternoon and thank goodness we didn't queue too much because we had to spend 2.5hours getting back to Hollywood! I like LA very much but the public transport here is abysmal! We worked out that, for half the time it took to get to Vegas, we travelled 31miles.

Today we have been getting in as many sights as possible before Gus heads off. Including heading to Pasadena where we paid homage to one of our favourite shows “The Big Bang Theory” by visiting The Cheesecake Factory (where Penny works), CalTech (where the boys work) and almost to a comic book store…until we found out it had nothing to do with the show as it had been built in the sound stage!

We topped off the day by going to Chateau Marmont for an afternoon tipple. Despite the $12 valet charge and the over priced drinks, it was definitely worth it as, even as we walked into the hotel, we saw Gwyneth Paltrow picking up her car! I did hear that this was the place to celeb spot, but I didn't know it would be so immediate! 🙂

So, tomorrow morning, I drop Gus at LAX and start my solo drive up to San Francisco. I decided to split the trip into two, so I am stopping at a place called Pismo Beach for the night. I only have two nights on my lonesome until Wozzle arrives in San Fran!! 🙂 yay! We have a few days together until Alex comes and joins us next Friday/Saturday! I am a lucky girl!





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