Week 27 ….Sydney – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve watching the Sydney fireworks which, for two reasons, was pretty exciting! Reason no.1 is that, as they are the first celebration to happen across the globe, they are world renowned; reason no.2 is that the Sydney office of Imagination (the company I worked for before embarking on this trip) are heavily involved in the design and production! It was really exciting to see it in person and know that people I know were involved. All of the people at the party were very impressed by the display, with lots of “oooohs” and “aaaaahs”…in fact, you could hear similar exclamations from the surrounding properties too!

I won't go too much into the party (or subsequent hangover!) as I'm sure most people had a similar experience! Drink, music and chats! However, Lucy's party was Club Tropicano themed so, in order to try to not be shy, I volunteered to do face painting! It went down a treat and I got to wield a paint brush which I've missed! Here's my face with some of my handiwork….it's the only one I have!

So, people keep on asking me about new year's resolutions and I hadn't made any prior to the actual day. I don't remember setting any specific resolutions last year either but I feel I have made some good progress in becoming less neurotic and rolling with the punches. I know my parents and Alex may disagree (as they've had me weeping on the phone/FaceTime many times over the last 6 months!) but, considering the amount of change and the temperamental nature of traveling, I think I've done pretty well!

This year, I resolve to work on my confidence: I would like to finish up this year feeling I have grown into my skin, finally! 🙂

We've got some really exciting plans for these next steps in our traveling plan, as well as very exciting life plans for when we return to the UK! Stay tuned for updates!

Here's to 2014!

Milly x


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