Week 23 … Seminyak, Bali

So, it turned out that Amed was just not for us. We had stayed there one night and, even though the 2nd place we checked into was lovely, the lack of transport, a central town area or people who were willing or able to give us much information was too much for us and we decided to cut our losses and head back to Seminyak. Having said that, the one hotel/restaurant within walking distance of our original hotel was a blessed relief as the guys there were incredibly helpful and friendly. I had a major meltdown when I thought I'd lost my iPad; the manager noticed and offered one of his staff to drive me back to see if I could find it! Free of charge! Call me cynical but, after 5 months of having to haggle over every last penny, it was lovely to have someone offer to help without wanting anything in return! They also helped organise a car to take us back to Seminyak as the bus we'd read about appeared to be unheard of by locals and, even if it did exist, we'd have had to walk 10km with our big backpacks to get to a part of town in which a bus may or may not arrive!

The lovely second place we booked into in Amed (Villa Flamboyan)

Therefore, this week, we've been hanging out in Seminyak again. It is incredibly touristy here so the prices are high, but there are so many restaurants and bars….you could eat a different type of food every night (in beautifully designed restaurants, I have to admit!) for a month if you wanted! I think I've put on about a stone this week as I have no self control! Yesterday, we actually found probably the coolest bar/restaurant I've ever been to! It's called La Favela and wouldn't be out of place in a trendy part of London! I particularly liked it because you could easily walk past it (as we did for a whole week!) without noticing it there but, once you walk up the river pathway and enter the door, it opens up into a treasure trove of rooms and knick knacks! Alex and I clambered onto the roof and found not only rooves covered in vintage toy cars and bikes but also a large room with a real life hawk sitting in it!! Weird but true!

Lots of pictures of La Favela as I couldn't decide which one to use!

We've spent most of the week relaxing by the pool and eating but we have also taken two excursions! We decided to head to Bali zoo for the “night at the zoo” programme which we highly recommend! It was a really lovely evening and we ate some great food, saw some fab entertainment, had some amazing animal encounters, enjoyed a brilliant tour around the zoo in the dark and took some awesome pictures! My favourite part was meeting Molly the bearcat! She was gorgeous and I went up for two turns at cuddling her! While she was on Alex's shoulder, she decided his head looked yummy and started to lick him! Some people say zoos are for kids, but this was a really lovely experience and geared totally towards adults…most of the people there were young(ish) couples like us.

Us with Molly (including her licking Alex's head)

The following day, we headed out of town again to go quad biking through rice paddies! Needless to say, I couldn't actually do the driving so I got to ride pillion on Alex's quad! I am SO glad I did as I was more than a little nervous on a few occasions and wouldn't have been able to handle the vehicle through some of the obstacles presented to us! Alex did a sterling job…we didn't crash once! 😉 Again, we really enjoyed the day and would recommend it!

Us on the quad bike

We had a bit of “excitement” two days ago where I suddenly began to feel a bit odd and hot…and then developed a rash that took 15 minutes to cover my entire body! Pretty scary stuff at the time but we asked the hotel to call a doctor who came round to our room and diagnosed that I was having an allergic reaction to something. I've never had an allergic reaction as far as I am aware, so was pretty freaked out until the rash receded and my heart rate went back to normal. We'd always joked that getting sick in Asia would be awful and then, only a few days before we leave, I have to call out a doctor! Typical! Anyway, I'm back to a normal colour (not puce any longer!) so it was all fine! (The following night I did manage to also inhale water into my lungs….and throw up as I choked. Not my finest moment. Especially as I choked in the first place because I was laughing at my own, very lame, joke!). I'm a liability! Haha!

As you may have noticed, this weeks post is a day late….I am currently writing it as Alex packs his bags. Yes, that's right, it's already time for him to leave to go back to the boat for work. 😦 I'll be staying in Bali for a few more days before my flight to Australia! This is the end of the Asian leg of our trip! We'd had such expectations for South East Asia, some of which have been met and some of which were sorely misguided; however, on the whole, I am very glad we've had the chance to explore this region. We thought we'd write a little “things we'll miss and things we won't” list….it may come across negative, so please keep in mind that we have really loved our time in SE Asia!

Things we will miss about SE Asia:

  • Architecture
  • Temples
  • Food
  • Diversity of religions
  • Climate
  • Beaches
  • Affordability
  • Spas and massages!!

Things we will not miss about SE Asia:

  • The smelly bits (lack of bins/sewage disposal)
  • Squat toilets (incl. no loo paper or hand soap! Ever. Gross.)
  • The driving
  • Being seen as a cash cow
  • Bizarre dreams from taking malarone

So, farewell Asia, it's been grand! Hello Australia!




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