Week 15 … Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangnan

Two days after my last blog post, Alex had to leave to go back to work. This time with him has gone so quickly, too quickly, and we were both a bit down just before he left. However, without his job (and his immense generosity), we wouldn't be able to do this trip at all so I guess we need to keep that in perspective. Having said that, I miss him like crazy as per usual. Here's a picture from our last night, indulging in some really nice wine (something you can never find in SE Asia!)

I reckon this break apart won't be as lonely for me, though. The day after he left, I headed over to Koh Tao to hang out with Izzy and Aislynn again and we've spent the week together, on Monday Sophie will come out to see me for a week and on the 3rd November mum and dad will meet me in Malaysia! So, in total, I think I will only be alone for 13 days! I reckon the time I spent alone in Cambodia and Chiang Mai were a baptism by fire as it was longer than usual and with no one coming out to meet me….I have people lined up for every break from now on which is a relief! 🙂

So, this week Izzy and Aislynn have been kind enough to take me on as a third musketeer and we've had a really relaxed lovely time! We hung out in Koh Tao, staying at a hotel Dave organised for us for a couple of nights. We didn't explore much but went to a lovely beach (even though the fancy pants resort you had to go through dominated the whole stretch and you couldn't use any apparatus….even though there was no space without their deckchairs available!), ate some good food and got some solid drinks-on-the-beach time in!

The girls are very similar to me and Alex in that they aren't keen on partying or drinking heavily…they much prefer quiet, nice dinners and reading books! My kind of people!! So, this week has been very quiet but it's been such a joy to have people I really get on with to hang out with! As they like the secluded life, I suggested we head back to Bottle Beach and, luckily, they love it here! We've been totally lazy: reading and snoozing on the beach! Typically, even though I sat in the shade, my face, chest and tummy are burnt after today! Dagnamit! Let's hope it turns to bronze tomorrow instead of puce as it currently is!

Today we headed back to Koh Samui, to Cocooning! Dave hosts an amazing tapas menu by his friend Ed (who runs a great restaurant on Koh Tao called Barracuda) which the four of us had last week so we are going back for it this week! (And next week, when Sophie is here! Haha! These blog posts are going to get repetitive!) Fridays are “walking street market” at the Fishermans Village on Koh Samui so, like last week, we'll probably browse the stalls again!

As I say, this isn't the most riveting entry as we've not done anything cultural but, after so many temples over the last three months, it's been really nice to just “holiday” for a while!

In two weeks time, I will be heading to Malaysia so I need to start making a plan or two …especially in terms of actually getting there!! I have to leave Thailand on the 23rd October and my parents will arrive on the 3rd November, so I have a bit of time to play around with while I'm on my lonesome! I am so excited about seeing them!

Milly x



One thought on “Week 15 … Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangnan

  1. Rear Admiral Mole

    When Alex comes out to meet you, does he wear anything other than that red vest? Has he spent ALL his money on you and sold his clothes to fund the trip? I will send out some woolly jumpers for him!


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