Week 14… Koh Phangan and Koh Samui

Alex and I have just realised that we are a quarter of the way through our trip already! Where has that time gone?! Remember when you were a child and you'd hear adults say “the other day” about something that happened a year or so ago? We've started to do that….and three months have just flown by!

This week has been a particularly relaxed week and we've spent most of it on various beaches! We stayed at Bottle Beach for a whole week and really chilled out…we went snorkelling one day and took a trip into Haad Rin (which I'll mention later) on another but, apart from that, generally read our books, napped and chatted on the Thai cushions in the chill out area! It was really lovely.

We did take one trip out of Bottle Beach and went to the main tourist drag of Haad Rin (where the Full Moon Party happens) to go to the shooting range. Alex shot a Magnum and I shot a Glock! Full on ammunition! The sound of the shots were a real surprise to me: I had no idea just how loud these guns were! The little old Thai man who runs the shooting centre hadn't put in his earplugs (even though he'd given the go ahead for Alex to shoot) and I dread to think what damage was done to his eardrums! His little shocked face was enough to break your heart! As much as I was pretty scared (I'm a big scaredy cat!), it was also good fun and I wish I could have got my shots a bit more accurate as I spent most of mine in the target's right shoulder!

After we left Bottle Beach, we went over to Koh Samui where we checked into an adorable hotel called Cocooning which is in Fishermans village in Bophut. The owner, Dave, is a proper Essex geezer and incredibly welcoming and helpful! He sorted us out with a plan for the following day where we'd go up to another hotel called The Jungle Club, in the mountains, to use their rock pool and admire the amazing views! He suggested we share a taxi with two American girls also staying at Cocooning, which was a fantastic suggestion as we all got on really well and spent last night all together and I will go over to Koh Tao to meet them the day after Alex leaves to go back to work (tomorrow!! 😦 ). We've also arranged that I will see them in LA probably and we'll meet up with them in San Francisco too! It's funny how quickly you can make really good friends while travelling! Turns out a shared taxi with Aislynn and Izzy has lead to good friendships! 🙂

The other exciting bit of news we have is that we are in the process of adopting one of the dogs from Care For Dogs! We will arrange for him to come to the UK to live with us when we get back in July! We've decided to adopt Lern, who I loved while I was working at the shelter! We've been talking about what kind of dog we want to get and I had mentioned how lovely he was (on many, many occasions) and, similar to when he said “why don't we actually just go travelling instead of just talking about it?”, Alex said: “why don't we adopt Lern?!”. It seems to us it makes sense to adopt a dog we already have a relationship with and who we can give a home to instead of him living out his life in the shelter! So, today we sent off the adoption contract and will lay down the deposit and then the vets at the shelter will start to get all his legally required vaccinations (and microchipping etc) done! We are VERY excited!!

Milly x



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