My blogging app is RUBBISH!!

Two of my paragraphs got deleted by my app (Blogsy) which I only realised when I had published that last post! SO FRUSTRATING!


Anyway: here they are:


That evening, we got dolled up and had dinner at the restaurant at our hotel. We had a lovely bottle of bubbles, courtesy of Emma and Gilbert for Alex's birthday, and some interesting Laos food! I made the mistake of being experimental, and I chose a stew with buffalo, betel leaves, smokey wood and eggplant….it was…interesting. Alex had gone for the chicken curry which was delicious! Lucky boy! The hotel had also organised a yummy banana cake for Alex which I had nothing to do with, which was really touching! They all sang happy birthday to him and he was suitably embarrassed! (If ever you are in Luang Prabang and want to splash out a bit, definitely stay at the 3 Nagas: they were so helpful and accommodating!)


The following day, we got up at the crack of dawn again for a trip to the local morning market! Hilary and Steve had organised a cooking course for Alex's birthday present and part of the experience is getting the ingredients with the chef. It was really interesting to see everyone going about their daily lives, selling all sorts of animals and vegetables and unidentifiable items! We even saw a woman selling snake meat…and that snake must have been gargantuan! The slabs of meat she was selling were larger than a whole chicken!


Milly x


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