Week 10… Pai and Chiang Mai

Hello there everyone…yes, this is another instalment of Chiang Mai related blogging. Needless to say, it won't be as jammed-packed with activities as the others…frankly, I've done and seen most things in this town by now! This will be a very brief blog! I do still love it here though!

Last week I left you having just arrived in Pai with Sanne and Elma. Well, we had a great time there as I mentioned before. We continued with our scootering the following day and then pottered around the town during the afternoon and evening. They then headed off to Laos and I wended my way back here to Chiang Mai, where my bed in the hostel awaited me.

This week I have somewhat run out of steam in terms of endless activities, so I have allowed myself a week of reading and downtime. Which doesn't really lead to fascinating blog posts but I have enjoyed it. If you know me, you'll know I can happily plough through a book a day and not get bored. I adore reading!

I am VERY excited though as Alex arrives in Chiang Mai on Saturday evening! These 6 weeks apart have been tougher than when I am at home..but I think I have learnt a bit about myself in the process. It also helps that he and I can chat on Facebook regularly and have a phone call every few days (when the Internet allows it!). I also have been speaking to mum and dad pretty much every day which helps to keep me from being too homesick, even though I miss them like crazy! I keep reminding myself that, 10 years ago, none of this would've possible…and, 20 years ago, I'd have had to rely on letters and pay phones to speak to my loved ones!

Instead of telling you about how many books I've read this week or how many cafes I've frequented, I will instead talk a little bit about my grandpa. The reason for this is I have thought about him a lot this week, as it would have been his 93rd birthday on the 7th September. We very sadly lost him in February and I miss him very much.

Grandpa was incredibly well travelled due to his time in the war as well as numerous, adventurous trips abroad which he and grandma embarked on until he was well into his 80s! I wish I could talk to him about everything I am seeing as he was startlingly knowledgable about all sorts of cultures and customs, as well as being a great linguist. Grandpa, chan kit teung koon jai ja kaht (“I miss you so much that it breaks my heart” in Thai).


Milly x



One thought on “Week 10… Pai and Chiang Mai

  1. Anna MacLeod

    are you just trying to make me cry?? Lovely comments 🙂 we all miss him and we all miss you (in a different way obviously!) xxx


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