A little thought for today…

So, you know that lovely feeling when you're straight out of the shower? You're squeaky clean, your hair is untangled and you can marvel at how long it looks when it's wet? Well, that is a feeling I am really treasuring these days because from that point on, throughout every day, I can only get more unattractive and sticky-feeling!

You see, as soon as I am dried off, I get to applying layers of mosquito repellent and sun cream…already making my skin feel a little tacky to the touch. However, looking in the mirror, I am not appalled (yet.)! My hair is still curling gently from its wet tendrils? Brilliant! I look like a boho goddess (albeit now with a chemical sheen to my skin)! My clothes are clean and unblemished and clinging only to the correct parts of my anatomy? Great! I'm really rocking this “traveller” look!

Time to go outside of my room…



Milly x



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