Week 1…part 2 – Halong Bay

Alex and I were both keen to get out of the city ASAP so booked a 2 day trip to Halong Bay which was lovely! It's a three hour drive out there and then you hop on your sleeper boat and get briefed on your itinerary which included kayaking, cave exploring, cooking lessons, swimming and, if you manage to stay up late enough, squid fishing! Our boat was really lovely and our cabin was very cute and had all the mod-cons!

That's the view we woke up to on the second day…not bad hey?
On the first day, we went kayaking through the bay. Well, when I say “we” I mean Alex did as I couldn't hold the paddle! So, poor guy, he had to paddle us around while everyone else had 2 paddlers in each boat! Just call me Queen of Sheba! It was beautiful and we saw capuchin monkeys (Alex may have paddled a wee bit too close for my comfort while I was filming…which proves to be a hilarious bit of footage!)

The following day, after a gorgeous evening of food and sitting out on the top deck chatting to the other people on the boat as the sun went down, we went out to explore the “amazing caves”! It was stunning but I have NEVER been so hot in my life! I think Alex was reconsidering his choice of girlfriend when he looked over and there was literally not one pore at wasn't sweating profusely. Hot. However, Alex took so really great photos, including the one below!

Alex is getting really into his photography which is brilliant as he is managing to get some wonderful pictures! I'll post some of them on here as they are bound to be better than mine!!

This post is mainly photos but here's one more of me as we headed back into port…I look filthy…but that's the camera (it was taken on an iPhone), I promise you I was clean!

Right, that's it for Halong Bay! Next post will be our trip to Hoi An and our thoughts so far! (Hint: it's great here!)

Milly x



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