We have lift off…!

So, today is the big day…Alex and I are starting our adventure! Or rather, have started it already, as I find myself writing this post from Helsinki airport aka the worlds most dull airport!! Behold the plethora of people waiting at my gate with me…

Having said that, I've found some Moomin sweets which I am happily ploughing through!

Today was really very weird and, if I am honest, emotionally exhausting! I am swinging from being so excited I can barely contain myself (which Alex can vouch for as I was ridiculously bouncy and irritating this morning!) to copious amounts of weeping as I went through the baggage scanner area! So much so that a very sweet lady in front of me asked if I was ok…when I explained I had just bid farewell to my family for a year, she sympathised….when I explained it was in order to go travelling for a year….well, she revoked the aforementioned sympathy! 🙂

I know I mentioned it in my last post but I really do love my family very much and am very close to them, so this leave of absence is going to be a real culture shock! I won't bang on about it though…promise….well, not much anyway (love you mum, dad and Gus!)!

As well as saying goodbye to my family, saying goodbye to friends has been hard too! I've had some really lovely messages and even an amazing Tumblr set up with “all the reasons I love milly” in it as the friend in question (I won't name her in case she doesn't want this to be public knowledge!) wanted to given e something to keep me happy when I miss home…but knew that space was short in my bag! Such a lovely idea!!

So, you may ask why I am in Helsinki alone…or, come to that, why I am in Helsinki at all! Well, due to our slightly unconventional situation, Alex and I have separate flights out to Vietnam. This is because, as Alex will continue working offshore (5 weeks working, 5 weeks holiday alternating), he has no need to get a roundtheworldflights.com package like the one I bought…he is going to buy his flights as and when he knows his crew change dates! Now, the reason why I am in Helsinki is as follows: while I am VERY chuffed with the price I got my round the world ticket for, it's affordability does mean that a few of my flights are a little…convoluted! This particular journey saw me going from London to Helsinki, then onto Singapore, then onto Bangkok and then, the following morning, onto Ha Noi! Luckily for Alex, he doesn't have a 48 hour journey but it does mean he has to find us somewhere to stay and come collect me from the airport…probably a big fuzzy, overly tired, overly emotional, let's-be-honest-probably-in-need-of a-shower girlfriend by that point! Lucky him! 😉

All in all, however, it's immensely exciting and I am so very much looking forward to getting going in Vietnam! I found this lovely picture/quote and thought it was pretty apt for the upcoming months!

I'll leave you with that but I will make sure to write another post soon and keep you all updated!

Milly x



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