Final countdown…

So, since we last met, a lot has happened! I have handed in my notice at work, we’ve handed in our notice on our flat, we’ve had our leaving party and Alex has headed back onto his work vessel…


Handing in my notice at work felt like a massive step towards our trip. It really made it all feel “real” that we are leaving the UK for a whole year! I have been at my company for over 4 years (with 2 and a half of them in a team with a boss who made my life hell, the other 2 in a team with two of the nicest bosses you could ever hope for!) and it was my first “proper” job out of university. To be completely honest, leaving this job feels slightly scary: it’s all I have really ever known professionally. 

I scheduled a meeting with my bosses (Damo and Jamo) and armed myself with two chocolate cookies and 2 sealed envelopes with their names on. The cookies meant that they had to still like me after I handed them their envelopes with my resignation letters enclosed! They were both sweet and really supportive of my decision though, I hope, sad to see me go. (it’s always nice to think you’ll be missed!)


We’ve also had our leaving party this week! The weather had been disgusting but thankfully it suddenly became bright and sunny and dry on the big day (lucky as we were planning an outdoor BBQ/drinks party!) We reckon we had about 50 people in total, including a lot of mine and Alex’s friends and family! My grandma came along which was absolutely brilliant; i really wanted her to be there and meet our friends! I just wish Grandpa could have been there too.


All in all, it was a great day….but I rue the moment I decided that having a pint glass full of wine would save me time going back and forth to the drinks table! I haven’t had a hangover that brutal since our Christmas party!

Mum and dad were absolute gems: they had lent us their house and garden for the party and were just amazing! They tidied and served and basically slaved away for the whole party , unasked! It wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without them! Mum even turned a VERY kind blind eye (not so much a blind camera for blackmail purposes, however! haha!) when certain members of the party decided to remove their own (and others’) clothes! 

Sadly, half way through the party, Alex got a message from his company saying he had to return to his work vessel on Monday (instead of the Friday they’d previously been told) so he has now left the UK for his 5 week shift offshore. Potentially, the next time I will see him will be in Vietnam for the start of our adventure!


I am going to have to be quick with the rest of this post….my internet is going at a snail’s pace…if the snail had taken some sleeping pills and had a limp! Frustrating…and that’s in London so I dread to think how I’ll fare using dodgey connections in South East Asia!! In fact, I will sign off now and will save the stories of our change of itinerary, visiting friends and family and my volunteering position for next time! 🙂


Milly x


ps. I apologise if there are numerous typos and grammatical errors…the connection is so slow, I can’t go back and check without it freezing!




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