Clearing out the cupboard…

You might wonder what cleaning out a cupboard has to do with mine and Alex's year of adventure, but bear with me…I promise you, I do have a point somewhere in the ramblings of this blog post!

So, here is the backstory as to why I have set up this blog. A few months ago, around July/August (we can't remember!), Alex and I were talking about our future and the things we'd like to achieve, experience, create etc before really tying ourselves down to a mortgage and a litter of charmingly ginger sproglets. One of the main things we kept returning to was the idea of travelling and perhaps living within a different culture for a while. We both liked the idea of experiencing a culture outside our own and felt that just “holidaying” in various countries wouldn't quite cut it: we wanted immersion and, to an extent, escapism from our London lives.

This conversation happened a number of times with us wistfully saying to one another “wouldn't it be great to spend a year in Thailand one day?”, “Imagine living on a beach in The Seychelles one day” and the suchlike. Until suddenly, as we both stood in our tiny galley kitchen (that also serves as corridor to the bathroom and “spare bedroom”), we asked ourselves a question which will shortly change our lives quite dramatically:

“what is stopping us from making these plans happen now?! Why not do it now?!”

We decided there and then to actually get going and change the “one day” into a bonafide plan of action.


So, that leads me on to telling you about what I did today: I threw away clothes. Well, rather I gave clothes to my mother to sell at a car boot sale. You see, since that day in our kitchen-cum-walkway, we've been plotting our escape from the UK, our migration to sunnier climes! Part of that plan is to downsize the amount of 'stuff and things' that we've accumulated and have currently squeezed into our flat in Colliers Wood. As you can see from this picture, I didn't do very well at all….the pile that is to be given away is the one on the left…next to the leopard print pencil skirt (an item which is definitely not travel-appropriate!).

The last few months have been a catalogue of itinerary planning, liaising with travel agents, finding affordable vaccination options and visa conversations. All of these I will go into in detail in my next post…bet you can't wait to hear all about them! Haha!

So, please stick with me while I find my voice in this blog; hopefully we'll have all sorts of exciting stories and photos from our year abroad to keep you entertained, amused and, who knows, maybe even inspired?


Milly x



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